Current & Upcoming Events

We are excited to announce a NEW series called Meet the Brewers Dinners in the Mountain Top Tavern. We are working with Farrell Distributing to bring you these unique events with some of Vermont's select Brewmasters.

The list of events is impressive and we invite you to join us throughout the summer for a fun evening with us. Our Chef is working with the Brewmasters to create menus that will enhance the flavors of the beers while complementing the cuisine.

Here is the schedule of 'Meet the Brewers Dinners' in the Mountain Top Tavern:

June 19 featured Steve Parkes of Drop-In Brewing Company and was a huge success.

July 24 featured Kris Nelson and Jess Hamilton of Citizen Cider

August 21 
featured Dave Hartman of
Long Trail Brewing.

September 18  features Chris Mayne and Earl McGoff of Northshire Brewery  This will be our final dinner of the series. Sample a selection of their classically styled hand-made session beer. View menu here.

To quote the Vermont Brewers Association website:

"Maybe there's something in the water. Maybe there's something in the air.
Maybe..... there's something up here in the mountains.
Vermont's brewers are making magic with it." 

Come enjoy some of the magic at the Mountain Top Tavern. 

All dinners start at 6:00PM in the Mountain Top Tavern. Advance reservations are required. Call 802.483.2311.

Download our poster and share with friends.