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2014 Guest Clinician Series at The Mountain Top Inn & Resort Equestrian Center

We are pleased to announce our 2014 Guest Clinician Series, featuring a list of well-respected clinicians who will share their knowledge and experience with riders of all levels. Choose from our list of dates depending on your interest and passion. One day clinics are $140 per person and 2 day clinics are $280.  All clinics include lunch. Bring your own horse if preferred. 

*Special audit rate of $40 per person/per day includes lunch. Audit rate will only be avaiable when the the minimum clinic registration is reached.

Overnight accommodations at the Resort are available at a special rate of $119 per room per night (plus tax and resort fee). Upgrade to a Luxury Room or a pet friendly Cabin: $50++ per night; or to a Suite: $100++ per night.
All room rates include boarding facilities for your horse. 

Clinician: Kat Waters  
Spring Start Up Clinic
$140 includes Clinic and Lunch

Clinic Description: At the Spring Start Up Clinic we will begin with a little groundwork to warm everyone up, then move to work under saddle that will get you and your horse ready for a great riding season. Let's brush off the winter rust and communicate better than last season!

Kat Waters is a Lyons Legacy Certified Trainer with a passion for helping pleasure riders and competitors enjoy their horses more. Using the Lyons' conditioned response methods, Kat will help you gain control of the individual pieces of the horse to increase ride ability and clarify communication. With a background in Pony Club and distance riding, Kat competes in a number of disciplines and loves bringing young horses along. Website:

Testimonial: "Thank you Kat, for helping me to communicate to my horse much more effectively." - Paula Wehde

June 19, 2014 - Clinician: Lori Berger
Intersecting Arcs of Influence: The Ring of Muscles and The Circle of Aids
$140 includes Clinic and Lunch

Clinic Description: “Roundness” is an integral part of creating athleticism in both horse and rider; what is it, and how do we create it?  How often have you heard the comment that horse and rider must reflect one another?  What does it mean to ride your horse “back to front?” Gain a basic understanding of the mechanics that underlie collection in the horse, and connection in the rider. Learn how horse and rider must engage the same parts of their anatomy in order to maximize performance regardless of discipline, and how to apply the aids in a more holistic and effective way.

Lori Berger has been teaching Equine Studies at Vermont Technical College since the program’s inception, and was instrumental in developing courses that are now part of the core requirements for the Equine Studies major.  In her private practice she works with riders of diverse ages, levels and disciplines; she is certified by the American Riding Instructors’ Association and teaches Introductory through Third Level dressage as well as balance seat equitation for all disciplines and driven dressage. She is a graduate of Colby College, where she majored in American Studies and education, and had the opportunity to ride with U.S. Olympic Team member Michael Poulin. 

July 15 & 16, 2014 - Clinician: Paris Kern
Riding with the Whole Self
$140 per day includes Clinic and Lunch

Clinic Description: In Riding With the Whole Self you will develop the means to achieve the following goals and more. Through exercises on the floor, Paris lets people experience the mobility of their skeleton and with further instructions while riding, one can see how a wonderful lightness develops.

  • Do you wish you could ride without pain?
  • Are there things your teacher asks you to do that you just can't seem to get no matter how hard you try?
  • Does your horse suffer from discomfort when you ride?
  • Would you like to be able to give clearer yet more subtle aids?
  • Would you like to have an efficient and quick way to warm up yourself and your horse?

Paris Kern is a Feldenkrais® practitioner based in Baltimore, Maryland. For the last 20 years she helped many people overcome pain, improve their quality of movement and quality of life. She has a special interest in the concerns of riders and has developed Riding with the Whole Self, a system that specifically tailors the principles Feldenkrais to the needs of horses and riders.

Testimonial: "Everyone (riders and non-riders alike) are saying how much they learned from the Riding with the Whole Self clinic of integrating body movement and purpose in their lives with and without their horses!"  S. Lafferty

September 1 – 2, 2014 - Clinician: Lucile Bump
Centered Riding
2 day clinic $280 includes lunch both days

Clinic Description:  This is a ‘Centered Riding Clinic’, starting out with ground work without horses as an introduction to Centered Riding and its four basics. Each day will start with ground work where participants can sit comfortably and participate with questions for Lucile. This is followed by group mounted work for approximately 75 minutes. The group will have a one hour lunch break to discuss what they have learned and ask more questions. 

Lucile Bump is a Senior Level 4 Centered Riding Instructor, meaning she is certified by Centered Riding to teach Instructors to become Centered Riding Instructors. She has done apprenticeship for that level, with Sally Swift herself. She lived near Sally and rode with her from the time she was 14, and did more clinics as her assistant than anyone else. Lucile has taught Centered Riding Clinics in Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, England , Scotland, Canada, Uruguay and the United States. She has been a regular speaker at the Northeast Horseman’s Conference in Augusta Maine.