Vermont In-Between Season: The Ultimate Spring Getaway

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It’s a blossoming time of year right now in the mountains of Vermont. “In-between season,” you might call it: a quiet, tucked-away, recuperative stretch, featuring longer daylight hours, warmer temperatures and an ever increasing bloom of green foliage on the deciduous trees. A time of year that evokes a charm many visitors may easily overlook.

Restore Yourself

At The Mountain Top Inn & Resort, tucked into the Greens a mere 11 miles from Killington, you can fully embrace the special atmosphere of Vermont between seasons.

Our grounds offer myriad ways to restore your mind and body after the long winter. From the peaceful lakeshore to the blooming wildflowers and enchanting birdsong of the sunlit woods, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the unfolding of spring in one of the country’s most serenely beautiful regions.

For more focused revivification, take advantage of a soothing massage (from Swedish to hot-stone) or a mindful yoga class in The Barn’s Yoga Studio, indulging in the deepest, most fulfilling kind of R&R. In our fully equipped fitness center, meanwhile, you’ll find the ideal venue for preparing those out-of-hibernation muscles and lungs for a summer’s worth of outdoor fun.

For a truly unforgettable mind-and-body rejuvenation, consider our upcoming Mindful Wellness Retreat, which we’re offering June 22 – 24. During your stay at The Mountain Top Inn & Resort you’ll indulge in a variety of yoga and meditation sessions in the mornings and evenings...the ideal practice for slipping in and out of a Green Mountain day. You’ll also enjoy massages, a cooking demonstration, menus of seasonal, local ingredients prepared by our creative chefs, not to mention plenty of opportunities for kayaking, hiking, soaking, and socializing.

Refresh your spirits at The Mountain Top Inn & Resort—there’s no better time of year than this quiet and relaxing “in-between season” for doing so. Find out what we locals so treasure about this transfixing interlude: Book with us today!

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