Tips for Bringing Your Pet on a Vermont Summer Vacation

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We’re planning our summer vacation. Do we bring our dog along? For some it’s a difficult decision and for others the natural thing to do.  Most of us consider our dogs to be part of the family. They wake us each morning with a soft whimper or a lick on the face.

They run to the door to greet us when we get home from work, with a look that says ‘where have you been all day...I’m so glad you are home’.  They run after the ball or Frisbee and return it every time. (Well, almost). They sit quietly as we prepare their dinner, curl up on the couch next to us to watch our favorite show and at the end of the day snuggle in our bed or their bed, periodically snoring or dreaming aloud just to ensure we know they are with us.

So why leave them behind when we take our summer vacation? If you have made the decision to bring your dog or if you are still on the fence, here are a few tips that can make it fun and enjoyable for everyone.

  • Reserve Ahead - you can find pet friendly accommodations on-line quite easily.  It’s best to call ahead and reserve since pet friendly accommodations sell out fast.  At The Mountain Top Inn & Resort's newly constructed pet friendly cabins and vacation homes greet dogs with Vermont made dog treats, water bowls, dog beds and many smiling faces.  Although expected to be on a leash at all times, they are welcome to dine with ‘mom and dad’ at the outdoor Terrace.  Hiking trails (and cross country ski trails in winter) provide ample exercise terrain for everyone in the family.
  • Prepare for the Drive to Your Destination  – everyone has their style of where Fido ‘sits’ during the road trip.  If this is a ride that is longer than he/she is used to, a pillow or bed and favorite toy can help relax your dog for the journey. Frequent stops to stretch everyone’s legs are always a good idea. Waiting to go for a walk in a new environment, after five hours in the car, can mean a normally calm dog acts a little out of sorts or frantic.
  • Research a Local Veterinarian – call the resort or hotel in advance and find out if they recommend a local vet. Make a note of the vet’s telephone number and address, just in case.  

Bring enough dog food – you never know if the local pet store carries the exact same food as your dog is used to eating. Bring enough food for the length of your vacation and slightly more. A supply of dog treats is another must.

Inquire about the Resort’s available dog activities – find out what there is to do at the Resort or in the area that is dog friendly. At The Mountain Top Inn & Resort there are hiking trails and if your dog likes the water a visit to the private beach for a swim or a trip in the kayak might be in order.  Some Vermont state parks are pet friendly and there are snack bars sprinkled throughout Vermont that welcome pets.

Anticipate the heat – keeping our dogs safe in the heat is key to an enjoyable vacation. For tips visit the Fido Friendly Blog.

Traveling with your pet can be the best way to go, as long as you are prepared. For more travel tips visit and for information about The Mountain Top Inn & Resort visit

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