Escape with a Horseback Riding Getaway in Vermont

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Whether you live in a busy city or in a quaint rural town, everyone longs to escape the demands of home for a unique experience and fun times. White, sandy beaches and clear blue waters may immediately come to mind. Yet, there is an activity that you may not have considered that offers so much fun while appreciating the outdoors; and that is horseback riding in Vermont.

You may already have a favorite riding destination or wooded trail near home. What if your sense of adventure beckons you to travel a little further and see views that you’ve never seen before; views so breathtaking and memorable that you will want to return again and again. What if the trip to reach this exceptional location was only a few hours away? This is what attracts riders of all ages and abilities to horseback riding in Vermont.

You and your family may already be familiar with the variety of adventures found in the mountains of Vermont; yet never considered it to be the perfect destination for a horseback riding vacation, with its Green Mountain National Forest, cool mountain lakes, and trickling creek beds. The forest service maintains a number of trails that can be accessed only on horseback since some trails allow no motorized vehicles, maintaining the ambiance of the wilderness; trails extend for miles throughout the state presenting riders with the opportunity to see wildflowers in many varieties, birds characteristic of Vermont such as the state bird the Hermit Thrush, and wildlife in all sizes. On some rides you can see remnants of history; an old milldam and lodge, or you may find yourself trotting on an old wagon trail.

Whether you have never given a riding vacation any thought, if it is a trip you have often dreamed of, or if you own your own horse and want to experience some new sites and trails on your horse, then the Equestrian Center at The Mountain Top Inn & Resort may be the answer. Our friendly staff at the Equestrian Center will guide you on a one or two hour trail ride through miles of trails and along the sparkling mountain lake. We offer a variety of horseback riding programs and packages for any experience level, age or riding style:

Guest Clinician Series: the 2014 Guest Clinician Series, features a list of well-respected clinicians who will share their knowledge and experience with riders of all levels. Choose from a list of dates depending on your interest and passion. Learn more.

'Giddy-Up & Go' Getaway: designed for women, this relaxing escape includes two nights in a classic lodge room, a country breakfast, a one hour trail ride, a one hour massage, and much more!  

Adult Horsemanship Camp: a 5-day intensive program designed for any level of rider. It includes overnight accommodations, meals, group lessons, trail rides, guest speakers, and access to other facilities and activities offered at the resort.

Children's Summer Horsemanship Camp: a weeklong camp for ages 6-12. It teaches basic horsemanship including grooming and un-mounted handling, saddling, and control and handling in the saddle. This camp is excellent for children with or without previous horse experience.

Whether you’re an experienced or novice rider, escape with your family or friends to enjoy the quiet wooded trails and serene mountain pastures of Vermont. You are guaranteed to create unforgettable memories!

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